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Welcome to EnChroma

Our world is full of beautiful colors—colors that everyone should have the opportunity to see and enjoy. EnChroma is one of our specialty services that we believe can truly change the lives of colorblind patients. 

With EnChroma, we can test and provide solutions for colorblind patients in a matter of minutes. These specialty lenses can help patients with color blindness experience a broader spectrum of bright colors—a gift many of us take for granted. 

Experience the difference EnChroma can make today!

Color Blind Test

Before determining a lens solution, we use a simple testing method to better understand a patient’s color blindness. This test only takes a couple of minutes. The test is safe and easy for adults and children to use. 

When taking the test at home, please remove glasses with colored lenses. These lenses may provide inaccurate results after the test. As well, please ensure your screen brightness is turned to high as it can affect color perception.

EnChroma Lenses

EnChroma lenses are a revolutionary solution in the eyewear industry. If you haven’t heard of the lenses before, it’s likely that you have some questions on exactly how they work and the difference they can make in the life of a colorblind patient. The following tabs are an introduction to EnChroma lenses.

Color Vision vs. Color Blindness

When light enters the eye, it enters as white light and must be activated by the eye’s photoreceptors, creating blue, green, and red light. In cases of color blindness, there is overlap between patients’ color cones, making some colors indistinguishable.

EnChroma lenses filter out wavelengths of light where the overlap of color cones occurs. In doing so, there is a greater difference in the color seen by patients, allowing them to experience brighter, clearer colors.

Color blindness is different for every patient and can cause different interpretations of colors. EnChroma lenses are designed to support patients with trichromacy. Trichromacy is estimated to be the cause of color blindness in 4 out of 5 colorblind patients. Taking the EnChroma Color Blind Test is the best way to learn if the lenses will work for you.

Experience Color

EnChroma is an incredible opportunity for patients that are colorblind. Experience the difference EnChroma lenses can make today! 

Our Locations

Perry Office

In Perry, Utah, you can find our office next to Wahlen Dentistry. Give us a call if you need any help finding our practice!

  • 2480 S. Highway 89 Suite B
  • Perry, UT 84302

Morgan Office

In Morgan, Utah, you can find our office across the street from First Community Bank. Give us a call if you need any help finding our practice!

  • 139 N State Street
  • Morgan, UT 84050
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